Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Land Art

Artist Reflects:
When did you step back and analyze you work during this project?
Throughout the entire project, Abby and I made sure to step back and look at what we were doing. We had to be careful with big gaps, because they can be difficult to spot. Stepping back also allowed us to figure out which color we would use next and how big the next section would be. Being up close to the tree can make it harder to make a decision. Stepping back gave us a larger view and helped us to make better decisions. 

Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?
One of the biggest problems we ran into were trying to cover up the sections where the trees split. There would always be a section in the middle that would still show the tree. We thought about several ideas, such as trying to wrap at a stepper angle. After nothing worked, we thought about weaving the a piece of string from one side to another. Eventually we tried this method and it worked.

Artist Collaborate:
Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process?
For the entire project i worked with Abby. Which means throughout the entire project, we both constantly asked each other what to do and bounced ideas off each other.  We discussed things such as what color to use and how large to make each section. Pointing out gaps and telling each other to cover them up was another way we gave each other feedback.

Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you?
Abby helped me understand which areas had big gaps that i needed to cover up. She also gave me a tip to work faster. Wrapping the yarn around quickly and loosely and then going back and pushing them down to cover gaps and tightening the yarn is a quicker method. This helped me work quicker and made my arms hurt less from having to hold them up for so long.

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