Monday, April 21, 2014

Art History Project

Homer "Snap the Whip"
"Snap the Whip" was painted using oils by American artist Homer. He was primarily known for his marine subjects, landscapes, print making, and watercolor pieces. "Snap the Whip" is a realism post-civil war piece.

The realism movement started in france and was different from pervious movements because it depicted subjects exactly how they were seen. Hence the real in realism. Real life situations and common men were painted. No gods were included into paintings because they are not subjects that can be physically seen in the real world.

For this project Travis, Abby, and I were all included in the actual film part of the project. Abby and I made the presentation poster while Travis helped research. If we were to re-do the project i think getting clothing similar to what the boys in the painting are wearing would be a nice touch.