Thursday, May 8, 2014


Artist creates original art:
How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?

I decided to make a my whole drawing out of the same lyric written over and over again. Making a piece out of only words isn't my own completely original idea, but the concept of taking a lyric and making a concert scene is  something i have never seen done before.

Did you use a source for inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original?

I got the inspiration for this piece from a tumblr post i saw a few weeks ago and had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try this technique and was really excited when we started this project. The original post was a drawing of Noah and Allie from the movie "The Notebook", and was completely made from the repeated phrase "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." I took this concept and made a concert scene made out of the lyric "Sleep is for the weak and we will never rest." (a lyric from the band that i based the concert around).

Artist take risk:
Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project?

I had never made a drawing completely out of words and i had no clue what i was doing at first. I didn't know how i would make variations in darkness versus lightness, so i was basically concerned and unsure about everything. 

Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?

Once again, using text as my material was a new concept for me to try. I was worried at first and still am considering the piece still isn't done, but i can tell already that it's going to look pretty awesome.
In Progress

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